• City Tavern (map)
  • 1402 Main Street
  • Dallas, TX 75201
  • United States

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QUILT is coming to Dallas.

Parade of Flesh presents . . .
Friday, Feb. 21st, 2014 – 8pm
Quilt (Mexican Summer) - http://quiltmusic.bandcamp.com/
The Birds of Night 
at City Tavern – 1402 Main St. Dallas
$8 adv

Boston trio Quilt are back with “Arctic Shark”, the first single from their sophomore LP Held In Splendorout January 28. Anna Fox Rochinski takes the vocal reigns on this gentle, down-home album opener, spinning surrealist lyrical vignettes about heavy dreams and pepper trees over top of softly cooed harmonies. Eastern and psychedelic traditions also bleed into the proceedings, with a shimmering sitar solo punctuating each verse, and in the outro which fades mirage-like into a swirl of piano keys and soft drones.